Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blog Post 14 - Final Reflection of EDM 310

Final Project!

My groups final project was too long so please watch both videos below! :)

Project # 13 Collaboration

i love google

The group I worked with was called Scholars United and the group members were myself, Emily Nadeau, Keeley Bryan, and Travis Synder. Our group had a lot of fun and worked really hard to put both projects together. We used many collaboration tools while working on these projects. The main tool we used for communication was Google. Google Docs was a great way to stay communicated and work on this project together. I personally really enjoy using Google Docs and recommend for everyone to try it out! On Google Docs you can create a document which you can share with others and whoever you share it with is able to edit it and you can view each other as it's being edited. It's so neat! Another tool we used for communication was Google Hangout,  this is a cool feature which is similar to Skype. On Google Hangout  you are able to add every group member at once and share your screen with them so they can as exactly what you are working on.
Thanks to Keeley, my group has a demonstration of how we used Google Hangout to our benefit. Here it is!

I enjoyed using both of the tools so much and will continue to use them in the future. Though, my group did text and call each other to also work on these projects.

I had a lot of fun and learned so much from working with Scholars United, and I wish each member from my group the very best of luck! :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

C4T # 4 April

interactive whiteboard

I left a comment on Mr. McLaughlin blog post, Switching off the Interactive White Board for good. This post was about the Interactive White Board, what we refer to as the SMARTBoard. Mr. McLaughlin gave his opinion on the IWB, he said "IWB's have had their day. I personally can't see any future for them in classrooms and the sooner schools stop buying them the sooner the money can be spent on better educationally interactive tools."

Hi Mr. McLaughlin, My name is Amanda Warner. I am a student at the University of South Alabama, majoring in elementary education and currently a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. I found this post to be quite interesting. Recently, in my EDM 310 class we were assigned to do a project using these boards. Although for our project we only had to show that we know how to use the basic tools. Within the next few weeks we have another project coming up using these boards again, but we have to teach an actual lesson this time. I am looking forward to this project because I think these boards are great, though I still have a lot to learn about them. I actually really enjoy using these boards and think they are very neat. However, I do agree that these boards have been around for a while and most teachers don't use them the way they should be used. For all I know so far, these boards are amazing tools for an educator and student to use and be engaged with. I also agree that newer and better things have come out and will continue to before my teaching days even begin. Technology is amazing and we learn more and more about it daily but it's truly hard for me to keep up with all the great devices out there which can be used to educate and learn.

You can check out his Blog at Steps in Teaching and Learning.

Blog Post #13

Engage in an E-Media Fast 

For this assignment I will be reflecting on how I did with engaging in an e-media fasting process, meaning absolutely no use of any form of technology for 24 hours. I will be honest and say that this was a very difficult task that I was unable to accomplish. Though, I could go without watching the television any day, but it's just so hard for me to not use my iPhone and my Mac computer on a daily basis. E-media fasting is definitely not for me! I decided to wait until the weekend to start my e-media fasting since I'm a full-time student taking a few hybrid classes, which means I'm required to use the internet. I started my e-media fasting Friday night and planned to continue until Sunday morning (today). I was able to stay away from the television and my mac computer for a full 24 hours, but unfortunately I couldn't stay away from my iPhone. I do not have a landline at my house so the only way for me to communicate is to use my iPhone. I literally use my iPhone for so many different things: of course phone calls and texting, the internet, e-mailing, games, an alarm clock, etc. I'm the type of person that has my iPhone with me (mostly directly in my hand) at all times. I'd be so lost without my iPhone!! Technology is so important and very helpful in my everyday life.
As teachers we have to find ways to keep our students engaged in the classroom at all times. I personally think that technology is a wonderful way to excel education for students. So, let's talk about technology being in my future classroom and how my students will be engaged with different forms of technology. I know that I talked about my iPhone and how it's my main form of technology used, but it's not a useful tool for learning in the classroom. Schools do not allow students to have their cell phones in use during school hours. Though there is plenty other devices to use; such as computers, iPads, SMARTBoard's, and others which students may use to be interactive while learning.

PLN-Final Progress Report

Since my first PLN, I have added more websites to my PLN and discovered new things about webmixes. Take a look!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Progress Report on Final Project

progress report

For the final project, my group members; Emily Nadeau, Keeley Bryan, Travis Snyder, and I call ourselves Scholars United. We are a group of people who are extremely passionate about learning and educating. As a group, we have been working on creating a video to illustrate the benefits of using various types of technologies in the classroom. Our video will have a narrator who will discuss our goal. Each group member will pick a specific topic which he or she will teach in the future, and will determine which technologies will be the best enhancement for their lesson plan. As of now, each group member of Scholars United has picked the subject they wish to address and the technologies which will be used. This project is centered around the idea of motivating educators to incorporate technology in their classrooms, and to make known the connection between technology and student comprehension. We have used various ways to communicate with one another for this project, such as; Class time, E-mails, text messages, Google Docs, and Google Hangout. I look forward to completing this project with such a great group of people!!

Blog Post #12

I'm very passionate about teaching and I think the technologies we use are wonderful. I find myself thinking about the children who don't have access to technology, how do they learn? For this blog post assignment we are asked to create an assignment that we think Dr. Strange should have assigned. I found this organization called, Building Tomorrow.
Their Mission: We engage students in service-learning, fundraising, awareness and design activities to generate support for the construction of primary-level academies in sub-Saharan Africa. We are currently building in Uganda where our partner communities match the students’ support by donating land for each academy and volunteering approximately 20,000 hours of self-labor to construct it. What a great organization to contribute to, this got my brain really turning. We need to help bring both technology and schools to other students around the world, for they can also build a better feature. Building Tomorrow doesn't give hand-outs. They partner with communities in Uganda and make an investment in them. Ultimately, they provide them with the tools they need to help themselves and then take a backseat.

Building Tomorrow Homepage
When we become teacher's I really hope that we all remember this organization. We need to raise awareness to our students about what other children around the world don't have.
A ten-room academy for 325 kids (complete with seven classrooms, an office, a library, toilets, & a soccer field) costs approximately $60,000. Exactly how you raise it, and how quickly you raise it is up to you. How amazing would it be for us teachers to build a school for others who want to learn?

What I would really like to do is help contribute to build a school. On their website they have where you can buy a brick, 1 brick is only $1. If each student in all EDM310 sold 5 bricks which would be $5 than we would be donating $560 that's only one semester not including other teachers and if people sold more. How amazing would it be if the College of Education raised enough money to build a school for the students in Uganda.

give a brickamerican schools

My instructions for you is to find an organization that gives back to education and describe how others can help. We focus so much on our needs and forget about helping others, and how someone else will do it. We all need to step up and contribute to giving others the ability to learn. Sometimes people need resources to help, lets find organization or even create one to give back. Inspiring and helping others is what I love to do, and that's why I choose to become a teacher.

This is a video to inspire you.

C4K Summary for April

We have been doing a world blog post challenge for the past three weeks. The student I was assigned to follow and blog to is referred as 18mcse. He seems to be a great student and enjoys blogging. He tends to blog about a variety of things but enjoys it.

Here is his blog, 18mcse.

First post-April 2, 2012 : Dog 

On April 2, he blogged about a dog that he wishes he had. He informs us that he has one dog, though he used to have two but one passed away. He posted a picture of the dog and wonders what breed it is.

Here is the actual comment I left him.
It looks like this dog is a mixed breed, maybe lab/hound or something like that. You would have to do some research to find out exactly what breed this specific dog is. It sure is cute though!!
What kind of dog do you have and what is its name? I have one dog, her name is Sadie and she is a toy poodle.
Thanks for posting! I look forward to reading more posts in the future.
-Amanda Warner

Second post-April 11, 2012 : Forest Fires

forest fire
On April 11, He posted about a very serious and dangerous topic, forest fires. He did a great job explaining what a forest fire is, reasons they are caused, and how they can be prevented.

Here is the actual comment I left him.
Hey there!!
I think this is a great topic to discuss. Forest fires are very dangerous and cause many problems to nature. You did a great job explaining what a forest fire is and the ways which they are caused. As soon as I read this post I remembered that a few years back my family and I were on our way home from a our beach house in Orange Beach, AL and we saw a forest fire in action at the local park. That was the first and only forest fire I have seen to this day. Have you ever actually seen one?
Great picture!!

During the three week blog post challenge my student, 18mcse always commented me back on every post I commented to him. That meant something to me and I have to say that I really enjoyed keeping up with him during the past three weeks.

Now that the three week blog post challenge is over, I was assigned to one last child named Shelly. Shelly is a first grade student in Ms. Cassidy's class. The post that Shelly left was a video of herself explaining the movie she saw called, The Camp. This was Shelly's very first video to ever post and she was really excited about it.
Here is the link to the blogger where you can watch Shelly's video. Little Voices, Little Scholars

Here is the actual comment I left Shelly.
Hi Shelly!
My name is Amanda Warner, and I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama, located in Mobile, Alabama. I really enjoyed watching your first video ever, you did such a great job! You seemed to really enjoy seeing the camp. I think it is absolutely wonderful to see a student so young use technology like this. I never used technology much until I enrolled into Dr. Strange's class, and now I love it! I did my very first video just a few weeks ago as an assignment. Good luck with your future and always remember learning is fun and important! :)

-Amanda Warner

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blog Post # 11

First Graders in Ms.Cassidy's Class

After watching the video, Little Kids..Big Potential I felt a rush of excitement come over me as I thought about having my own classroom in the future. I found this video to be very amusing because it's great to see and hear the students use and talk about technology. It also made me realize the importance of technology in the classroom and for myself as a future educator learning and engaging in what technology devices have to offer in the teaching field. As an educator, I will always be sure keep an open mind and try to find different ways to incorporate technology in my very own classroom.

Ms. Cassidy's Skype Interview

This video was actually a Skype interview between Ms. Kathy Cassidy and Dr. John Strange. I found this Skype session to be very knowlegable. Dr. Strange first asked Ms. Cassidy how she got involved with technology and how long it's been. Ms. Cassidy said she started using technology about ten years ago, due to being given five computers in her classroom. The computers were Microsoft brand which had monitors, keyboards, internet access, but were unable to put any programs on them. She mentioned that if you have five of anything in a primary classroom then it's known as a center. She made the computers useful by making webpages, blogging and things like that. I wanted to summarize that specific question because I think it's important and neat to know how people are introduced and get engaged with technology. Ms. Cassidy has been an advocate for technology for ten plus years and she has and will continue to do a wonderful job at it! There are so many great technology tools out there that it's hard to choose which ones I'd like to bring in to my future classroom. As of now, I think I would definitely have blogging in my classroom and maybe a Facebook page because I think the idea of having a separate Facebook account for schools is awesome. I think having a Blog, Facebook account, or any other type of PLN will get students to interact more and be excited about learning in fun way.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Blog Post # 10

children around the world

The first video I watched, Do you Teach or Do you Educate? was created by Josh Bloom, a student at EWYL Foothill College back in 2006. It seems to me that Josh may have created this video as a class assignment. When I first read the title of this video I figured that it would have many helpful tips and be very inspiring. It's obvious that Josh put a lot of time and hard work in to putting this video together, though it lacked the helpful tips and the desire to teach. I found myself confused as to the message he was trying to give. After watching this video a few times, still finding it boring and confusing, I came to the conclusion that overall it really made me think of why I want to be a teacher and be able to educate students. There are plenty of teachers throughout the country that only teach and don't educate. I chose to fulfill the career path as an educator because I want to go the extra mile and an inspiration to students by making a difference in their lives. I want to fully educate my students, and when I teach them how to do something I want to be successful in also teaching them why it should be done that way. I want my students to feel comfortable with asking any questions without feeling dumb, because no question is dumb. I am confident that I will be the teacher that students can feel comfortable around and inspire them to work hard and do the best they can. I will be an elementary teacher so I not only want to teach students their core subjects, but also confidence and belief in themselves.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home is a blog post written by Mr. Tom Johnson. This post was very interesting to read because it is written in a humorous quoted conversation which focuses on his reasoning for not allowing students to take pencils home with them. He states that with students taking pencils home standardized test scores will be lowered. He goes on to explain that pencils are meant for learning, but if students take them home parents can learn too, in this low income community. This post is a prime example that teachers have different methods of teaching, which is good. If every teacher is this country taught the exact same way then learning would be so boring. Although, Mr. Johnson doesn't approve of students taking pencils and paper home, he does believe students should still know how and be able to use a pencil and paper to do assignments. I found this post to be as a lesson because as educators we must never be close minded to different ways and methods of learning. I think Johnson's title of this blog post is to make educators think in a different way!

Monday, April 2, 2012

SMARTboard Project # 14

Emily Nadeau and I demonstrate simple tips on how to use some of the basic tools on the SMARTboard.

Blog Post # 9

Joe McClung's blog, At the Teacher's Desk, is a great blog full of many ideas for previous and future educators.

The first blog post I read, What I've Learned This Year 09, Mr. McClung shares his experience of what all he learned from his first year of teaching. At the top of this specific blog, there is an image of a message from Mr. McClung which reads, "An important decision I made this year is to stay positive." I think that's absolutely great and I am a believer in writing yourself simple messages of encouragement. I like the way Mr. McClung formatted his blog and the fact that he titled each topic which he reflected on. Every topic that Mr. McClung reflected on gave great insight but the two that caught my attention the most are: Be Flexible and Communicate. In Be Flexible, he talks about the perfect lesson and how we as instructors and future instructors strive to plan "perfect" lessons. Though, he says, "NO LESSON IS EVER PERFECT. THE LESSON YOU TEACH AND THE ONE YOU PLAN ARE ALWAYS INDIFFERENT." I agree. In Communicate, he starts by saying, "Communication is the best medicine," I couldn't agree more and I believe that applies for any situation in general. He later says, "Communicating is the best way to resolve any issue in the workplace," I think he's exactly right! With the topics he has provided he's given great tips on how to stay positive in situations and to always remember to do the best you can and make the best out of situations while being an educator.


The second blog post I read, What I Learned This Year 09-10, Mr. McClung also has titled each topic he reflected on. He starts this post with writing about being able to adapt, as teachers we will have to adapt the school we will teach at, the grades we will teach, the subjects we will teach, and so on. He then goes on to talk about many other topics, but one that really stood out for me is: Don't Be A Control Freak. He says that, "it is okay to be in control, but some people can go over board with the concept of control," I agree with that point. I can relate to this topic because I can honestly say that to an extent I am a control freak about things. I am very organized and want some things a certain way or I will find myself unsatisfied. Teachers have lots of responsibility and can tend to take complete control in the classroom but like Mr. McClung says, "While control is a good thing, there is such thing as too much of it. I feel as teachers we need to teach our students how to perform tasks in the classroom rather than depend on us to do it for them. This requires them to be responsible and take ownership for the classroom experience." I agree 100% with this.
I really enjoyed reading these blogs by Mr. Joe McClung, because he explained his experiences in an interesting way and gave great tips. I could see myself creating a blog once I start teaching to keep people updated on my experience and the things that may occur in my classroom. Thanks Joe and great idea!! :)

student comment

Sunday, April 1, 2012

C4T Summary for March

For my March C4T's I was assigned to Liz B. Davis's blog.

For my first CAT, "From Dream to Reality- Making Things Happen," I read Ms. Davis's post about a lifelong dream of her's that finally came true. She posts about her trip to Seattle and her experience at the EdcampIS Unconference for Independent School Educators and the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference.

edcampIS participants

Here is the actual comment I left her..

I am an elementary education major at the University of South Alabama and I am currently a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. I really enjoyed reading your post about your trip to Seattle and your experience at the edcampIS unconference for independent school educators following the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference. I think it is absolutely wonderful that you made your dream become reality!
You mentioned that you shared it on your PLN. Well one of my latest assignments for Dr. Strange's class was to create a PLN, I created mine by using Symbaloo. I think PLN's are great and I look forward to updating mine and using it throughout my future.
Anyway, Thanks for posting your story and I am happy for you for taking action and letting your ideas about the power of the network come true.

- Amanda

For my second C4T,"Arguments for the iPad in Education," Ms. Davis briefly explains what a 1:1 program is and then follows by giving her thoughts of the possibility of her school becoming an 1:1 iPad school.


Here is the actual comment I left...

Hi Ms. Davis,

I really enjoyed reading this post! I have never heard of 1:1 programs, but you gave an easy understanding of what it is. You shared many great thoughts on educational technology. I think it is such a cool idea to have a 1:1 program using iPad's.
I don't have an iPad but many of my friends and family members do and everyone I know that has one loves it because they are so adaptable and useful in multiple ways. People with iPad's continue to learn things from this amazing tool daily. I hope to purchase one soon!
Under Why the iPad? you said, "The portability and tablet format allow the iPad to double as an e-reader for textbooks. This will lighten student backpacks and lower their textbook costs," as a current college student I couldn't agree more.

Thanks for your post and good luck to you!

-Amanda Warner

Friday, March 30, 2012

C4K Summary for March

For my first C4K in March, I responded to a girl named Nadia. Nadia is in a 100 word challenge and her post was about a interesting trip her and her family took to the green forrest. Nadia mentioned in her post how much she likes spiders and how her and her siblings enjoy counting the spiders in the green forrest as a contest.

Here is the comment I left for Nadia...

Hi Nadia!

My name is Amanda Warner and I am an elementary education major at the University of South Alabama and I am currently a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class.
I enjoyed reading your interesting story of the adventurous trip your family and yourself took to the green forrest. Personally, I do not like spiders and I'm actually scared of them. But I think it's neat that you and your siblings enjoy counting the spiders in the forrest. While I read your story I was able to create a clear image in my head as to what was going on. Thanks for sharing you story and keep up the good work on the 100 word challenge.

-Amanda Warner

The Hobbit

My final C4K for March begins the blog challenge. For the next few weeks I am assigned to follow up on 18mcse blog. The latest post this child gave was a brief summary of a book called, The Hobbit.

Here is the comment I left..


I'm Amanda Warner, a student at the University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. I have been assigned to your blog this week and the next few weeks following. I enjoyed reading your latest post about the book, "The Hobbit." Thanks for giving a brief summary of what you've read. I like to read and it seems as if you do too. Do you have a favorite author? My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks.
I look forward to reading your next blog post, good luck!

-Amanda Warner

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project # 11

Book Trailer - Project # 12

Blog Post # 8

This Is How We Dream
By: Richard E. Miller
Dr. Richard E. Miller
Dr. Richard E. Miller is a professor in the department of English at Rutgers School of Arts and Science. In Dr. Richard Miller's videos This Is How We Dream part 1 and 2, he discusses and informs us how writing in the academy and in the culture has changed. He share the importance of reading, writing, and how to research and publish information. He mentions that he believes we are living at the moment of the greatest change in human communication and in human history. Dr. Miller starts by sharing his beginning in this profession, which was by spending time understanding writing as an activity. He says, "I am a person of the book and I was raised in a house filled with books." Dr. Richard Miller grew to accomplish his dream of writing books. He published two books; As If Learning Mattered: Reforming Higher Education and Writing at the End of the World.
The main idea presented in these videos is that the way of teaching and learning has changed tremendously. We no longer depend on pencil/pen or paper to write our papers, we use word processing. We now have the internet to research in an easier and faster manner rather then going to the library. We use the internet for many different reasons, we can also use it to communicate with others world wide. So what will it be like in the future for our children? Will they ever have to use pencil/pen and paper to write a paper? Will they have to go to the library to do research? The answers to these's question's are mostly likely no.
I myself at 21 years old have never relied on going to the library to do research, I have always found all the information I need online. I honestly enjoy using technology for learning and look forward to using it in my classroom when I start teaching. Although, I do still believe in the use of basic skills such as writing with a pencil/pen on paper and reading an actual paperback or hardback book. This basic skills should most definitely still be taught in the elementary levels of education. These basic skills are what set a foundation for higher level skills of learning such as technology. The change of using technology and multimedia has already occurred in the world today so we as educators have to be prepared for what may come in the future.

Carly Pugh - Blog Post # 12
Carly Pugh Blog

Carly Pugh is a fellow student who is also an education major at the University of South Alabama, she published an outstanding blog post # 12. After reading her post, I know she is a great student and will be an amazing teacher one day. Anyone who reads Carly's work can notice that she is a very dedicated person. She made a playlist that define's her views of being an educator, she did such a great job that I enjoyed every second of watching it! Dr. Miller and Carly's work both have similarities but also have some differences. I agree that the use of technology and multimedia will help in the classroom and is great way to get students engaged with the work assigned to them. Students will be able to have lots of fun while learning more about their assignment and how the use multimedia. I cannot thank Carly enough for sharing her excellent work on blog post # 12 and the playlist she created. I will definitely keep an open mind to all these ideas in my future classroom.

The Chipper Series and EDM 310 for Dummies


I thought that The Chipper Series was a very interesting and attention grabbing video. Chipper starts off as a student at The University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. Chipper and her parents decide that they do not like the way Dr. Strange teaches so she meets with Dr. Strange himself to speak with him about this problem but he does not change his ways so Chipper goes on the drop out of school completely. Chipper then try's other options such as different schools and many jobs to make it through life. She is the type of person who thinks she can make it through life and be successful without giving any effort. She finally realized that she was wrong along and to be successful you have to put in effort and be determined, so Chipper enrolled back in school with the major of education. The part on the topic of procrastination really caught my attention because unfortunately I do have a problem with procrastination. I sometimes tend to start work early hoping to finish earlier than the due date, but with my busy schedule of classes and schoolwork, juggling two jobs, being in a sorority and having a social life it's sometimes hard to get everything done. Although, I have struggled a slight bit I do think that overall I've done pretty well. Becoming an elementary teacher has always been a passion and goal of mine, though there has been times that I've thought is teaching really what I'm meant to do. I now know for sure that teaching is what I'm meant to do with my future because I love children and being in a classroom full of young kids eager to learn is so inspiring.

EDM310 for Dummies

I really liked the video EDM310 for Dummies, the actors in this video did an awesome job showing the emotions students in this class feel, including me being one of them. Although, this class tends to be frustrating at times I am very thankful for the things I've already learned and I'm eager to continue to learn more. It's hard to realize exactly what all I've learned from this class so far but I know it's a lot and I cannot wait for the end of the semester to realize all the neat things Dr. Strange has introduced me to so I can use these wonderful tools in my future as an educator. Teaching isn't just about using technology in every way possible it's about using technology in the enhancement of learning.

After watching both of these videos I know how lucky I am to be in school and I'm looking forward to having a bright future. EDM 310 has encouraged me and given me much confidence. I wouldn't be opposed to making a video like either one of these.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

I really enjoyed watching and listening to this video and I agreed with most of the things talked about and said throughout it. I have grown up in the technology age and would probably be lost without my cell phone and computer. That's kinda sad to say but it's so true and I'm sure most people would say the same these days. They mentioned that all electronic devices are banned from schools and I do agree with that rule because students attend school to learn not to simply play on their cell phones, iPods, iPads and whatever other electronic devices are popular these days. Though this rule is broken every day in schools all over the world. Back in the day students would write notes to each other to communicate during class but now cell phones are used to text each other. Technology, electronic devices, and social networking is important and used all over the world by everyone. Social networking is a great way to communicate with someone sitting right beside you or someone across the country from you in a fast and easy way. School is just one of the major learning places, through we can learn from our surroundings and places we may visit, it's just that each of these has a different way of teaching and learning. Education has changed so much over the years and I think that social networking has been apart of this change. As educators we should accept this and prepare ourselves for the change that has already occurred because you never know what will happen, anythings possible.  Every piece of technology doesn't have to be used in everyday teaching but we should try to use as much as we can in the best way possible while also keeping the basic learning skills involved as well.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0 

A scavenger hunt is such a neat and fun way to learn about technology! Thank you to Justin Cometti for suggesting this as an assignment. I first watched the introduction video Discovery Education Wed 2.0 for 2011. Next I visited the home page of Discovery Education, this site has so many tools that can be used in and out of the classroom by anyone.

1. Locate a tool that is similar to Twitter/Facebook and provides a social platform for teachers, parents, and students. Create an account as a Teacher and write a paragraph or two about how you could use this site in your classroom. 

Edmodo is a wedsite kinda like Facebook, which allows you to share, though it provides teachers and students to do this securely. Edmodo is a great tool for many different things, such as posting assignments, class discussions, notifications, and many more. This tool helps teachers stay connected to their students, parents, and other teachers as well. A neat part about this tool is that you can sync your Google Docs with the Edmodo Library to easily access and share Google Docs with groups. I still have a lot to learn from Edmodo but I do plan to use this in my future classroom.

4. Find a video tool you have never used. Summarize some of its special features.

Animoto is such a cool tool to create videos! Animoto is a very easy and fun tool for anyone to use to creat slideshow videos. I created an account so I was able to make my very own slideshow, I only got the free version for now just to see what it is all about. There is a few different versions you can purchase. The lowest version is the one I used and it just has very basic features. But the higher up in the versions you get you have more options of tools and features to use. The slideshow I put together are highlights of myself with my family, friends and boyfriend over the past year. Check it out!!

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

5. Find a tool to create a poll anywhere and at anytime. Create your first poll and post it here.

Poll Everywhere replaces expensive proprietary audience response hardware with standard web technology. It is the easiest way to gather live responses in any venue: conferences, presentations, classrooms, radio, tv, print -anywhere. It can help you to raise money by letting people pledge via text messaging. And because it works internationally with texting, web, or twitter, its simplicity and flexibility are earning rave reviews. I think this tool could be very useful for almost any subject. With this website, polls are easy to create and as teacher's we could make assignments for students more fun by using something like a poll and I think students would enjoy doing this.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Project 9B TimeToast

My TimeToast timeline on when the thirteen original colonies were founded and became states.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

PLN Project # 10

Here is my PLN which I made by using Symbaloo. I really like this website and think that I will continue to use my PLN daily from now on. My PLN will be extremely helpful for me in my everyday life. Everything that I need to use or would like to use is organized and easy to find all together on one homepage. I will most likely edit my PLN in the future but for now it pretty much has everything I use daily in my life right now.

Friday, March 9, 2012

C4T # 2 Summary

Ms. Laura is actually a student at South Alabama majoring in Elementary Education also. She is currently a preschool teacher at Small Wonders. Her blog Small Wonders Jungle is bright and colorful and keeps people up to date with what is going on in her classroom and school. I like the fact that Ms. Laura added a theme to her blog, it make's it more fun and interesting!

The first post I read on Ms. Laura's blog was Reaching out into the community- even in 4-K, I really enjoyed reading this blog post! Ms. Laura's preschool class stepped up during the holiday season and collected many items, such as can goods to help a local family in need. It was such a great story to reflect on and I'm glad I was able to do so! Always remember that there will always be someone out there who may be less fortunate than you so open yours hearts and help when possible!

community service
Here is the first comment I left Ms. Laura.

Hi Ms. Laura!

My name is Amanda Warner and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. First of all, I wanted to tell you that I think your blog page is so cute! It is so colorful and fun and I love the theme to it! I really enjoyed reading your last blog about reaching out into the community. I am also a firm believer in reaching out into the community because it is so rewarding and heart touching. Teaching children about charity is so important!! I think it's absolutely great that your class stepped up and collected so many items for a local family during the holidays. Besides all the time, I think that during the holidays is one of the best and most rewarding times to help others in need. I love the quote you wrote... "Never underestimate the power of giving back."
Thanks so much for sharing such an amazing story!
I look forward to reading more from you!

Amanda Warner

The second post I commented on was Ms. Laura's welcoming post to Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama, which is me and my fellow classmates. Ms. Laura also informed everyone that she also took the exact class with Dr. Strange. I think that is so neat! Her welcome post was very sweet!

Here is the second comment I left Ms. Laura.

Hi Laura,

Thanks so much for your sweet welcome to your blog to myself and my fellow classmates in EDM 310. I think it's so neat and interesting that you actually took this exact same class with Dr. Strange.
I really like you blog, it is so colorful and creative! I look forward to keeping up with your blog from now on.

Thanks again! :)

Amanda Warner

Blog Post # 7

The Networked Student

This short video was very interesting and gave a sight into what 21st century teachers should know. Though, I disagree with their idea of the role of a teacher. These days people all over the world, adults and children, are using technology as a tool for learning and social networking but I believe that's good only to an extent. I disagree with technology being the main tool for teaching and learning. When I finally become a teacher I want to teach students right from wrong, encourage them to learn, grow and fulfill their dreams and that requires being engaged with them. I do not want to just teach them websites to search and play on to teach them what they need to know to be successful in their futures. Although, the internet is such a wonderful and helpful tool because it can practically teach you anything and everything you want to or need to know. Having the answers with just a click of a bottom could be a good thing but also a problem. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a fantastic idea to incorporate technology in our teaching I just don't want it to become the main source for learning. I am nervous about being a 21st century teacher but I'm also excited to open my eyes and ears to new ideas of learning and teaching, therefore I'm willing to do all I can to be prepared of my future as an educator!


A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment

I was very impressed after watching A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment. It amazes me that a 7th grader was able to put that together, although she had some help from Wendy Drexler. She did such a great job putting her PLN together and explaining how to use and access information. She also made it seem like such an easy process. I really like the idea of organizing links any way you want and I think PLN are a great tool to use! This video was entertaining, helpful, and fun to watch!

Monday, March 5, 2012

C4K Summary for February

kids around the world
My first C4K in February I read a blog by a ten year old girl named Ashlee. The blog I read was a story that Ashlee made up titled, "A Girl Named Alex at Chritsmas!!!!" Ashlee's story was very interesting! The main character, Alex had a dream that consisted of many adventures. I told Ashlee that I enjoyed reading her creative story she made up, and that she has a big imagination and to always be open to new ideas.

For my second C4K I read the blog of a young girl named Taylor. Taylor posted about a flash mob that she recently participated in. My comment to Taylor consisted of me telling her I really enjoyed watching the flash mob, "The Sound of Music" which she took part in. I also told her that I was able to spot her throughout the mob since she posted that she was on the right with two ponytails. I told Taylor that I love the movie "The Sound of Music," and asked her if she has ever seen it. At the end of my comment to Taylor I told her that the mob seemed like so much fun and that she did such a great job performing in it!

For my final C4K I read the blog of a boy named Jarrod. Minecraft for free is what Jarrod's blog post was about, he informed everyone about this new video game that he enjoys playing. I commented to Jarrod, telling him that I am not one to play video games nor do I know much about them. Though the information Jarrod provided about this particular game was very interesting and he made it sound like fun! I told him that it seems as if he really likes this game and playing video games in general, which is awesome and a good hobby!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project # 6 "This Is My Sentence"

Blog Post #4


We are now learning how to podcast, so here are a few links that will help me, my classmates and any others that are interested in podcasting learn more about it.

Langwitches 1st Graders Create Their Own Read-Along Audiobook

I really like this idea of reading! I think this is such a great way to get children engaged in reading. I honestly think I would also enjoy reading this way. One of the neatest parts about the read-along audiobooks is that there is a different sound for each chapter. I think that's a great way to keep kids on track of what chapter they are reading because some children have a hard time following along. I also think it's so neat that the children can record their own voices and they seemed to really enjoy that part. I think that recording yourself reading and being able to hear yourself would help you to become a better and more confident reader. I really enjoyed listening to the story "Dinosaurs Before Dark" because the students seemed really engaged while reading this story and most of them had so much character in their voices. Overall, I love the idea of read-along audiobooks and would like to try them with my students one day.

Langwitches Listening-Comprehension-Podcasting

This was very impressing! It's incredible that these children are practically fluent in Hebrew. The students were assigned to write an individual sentence in Hebrew to create a script for the Purim story. After each student wrote their sentence they recorded them completely out of order. The students had to listen closely to each clip to make sure they put the sentences in order to tell the story. I thought it was so interesting and neat that the students were able to arrange their sentences to tell a story. They used a smart board to arrange the sentences in order. Smart boards are such a great tool for teaching and learning and I cannot wait to use one in my future classroom. I think that I would also assign my students to do an activity like this one because it seems like such a fun but challenging learning process.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom by Joe Dale

I was surprised to find out how popular podcasting really is! I think it's great and very beneficial to use podcasting in the classroom. It's a great way to keep students who are out sick up to date with what is being taught and what's due. Also, it's great for last minute reviews before a quiz or test. Podcasting gives students the chance to be very creative while learning and the videos keep them more engaged and entertained with their work, rather than them being bored with having to read a textbook everyday. I know that I will most definitely consider using podcasting in my classroom one day because it truly is beneficial for not only the students but teacher as well in many different ways.

Project # 5

Sunday, February 12, 2012

C4T # 1

Hi! My name is Amanda Warner and I'm a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. For the next few weeks I will be following your blog and commenting on your post as a requirement for my class. Feel free to check out my blog and my class blog in the links provided. 
<a href="">My Class Blog</a>
<a href="">My Blog</a>

For this assigned C4T I got to read and learn about the Pencil Metaphor which is very neat.

Hey there Kelly!! I think it is so neat how the pencil metaphor works. I like how each part of the pencil is broken down into different categories. After reading this post I decided to pick up a pencil to see what type I am, and it seems that I am in between the "wood" and the "sharp ones". This post was very interesting and I look forward to following you! 
What part of the pencil are you? 

For this assigned C4T I was informed about The North Carolina Museum of Life and Sciences in Durham which hosted a teachers appreciation day. The museum offered a free admission for all K-12 school teachers and one guest with a school ID.  

Hi Kelly!! I really enjoyed reading this post. I think museums are so neat! I agree with Faun, this post also reminds me of the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center here in Mobile, Alabama, which is a place that provides educational opportunities in a fun learning environment. I think these type of environments are wonderful for teachers to take their students for a field trip to get them away from the school and classroom to experience a different and more fun way of learning. 

Amanda Warner

Blog Post # 3

1. My assignment for this weeks post was to watch and read presentations on peer editing. The links I was assigned were the following; Paige Ellis' Blog, What is Peer Editing?, Peer Edit Perfection Tutorial, and Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes. All of the links provided are very helpful in teaching how to peer edit. The three main steps of peer editing are give compliments, suggestions, and correction. Also, always stay positive!

2. After watching Technology in Special Education I realized that technology is very helpful in many ways and is making a huge difference in everyday life. Throughout this video it's shown that computers are very useful in helping students with disabilities learn. Each and every student has their own way of learning and difficulties. For example, some of the students in this particular video have problems speaking and writing and a computer helps them with these problems. I truly admire teachers who teach students with disabilities because they have a lot on their hands but love what they do and tend to do an amazing job at it.
Technology has become more and more advanced over the years. I think it's so great that technology has been incorporated into classrooms and is used for learning tools. As of now, I'm not exactly sure how I will use technology in my future classroom but I know that I will in some sort of way. I think computers, smart boards, IPad's and many other technological devices are a great way to make learning more fun and interesting.

The video How the IPad Works with Academics for Autism was such a touching video. The main character of this video is Braden whom is an autistic eight year old boy that's in the third grade. Braden uses the IPad as a tool to help him learn to write, spell, count, read and many other things. There are many different neat apps you can purchase on an IPad to help with learning. In the video Braden and his parents use a few apps to demonstrate how he learns, the apps are Toddler Counting, My First Words, and Kids Writing Pad. One app that really caught my eye is called TapSpeak Button. TapSpeak Button is an app which modernizes the idea of a mechanical switch that records and plays messages. This app is also very useful for teaching cause and effect relationships. As I read more into the information about this app I noticed that a comment was made by a costumer of this app, she said that her son has cp and is now able to speak thanks to this app. I thought that that was absolutely amazing and if one simple app came make someone with a disease have a voice then it can most likely be helpful to anyone in many ways.

3. Gary Hayes Social Media Count numbers change every single second. It is so incredible to see how many people expand their use of technology each second. This site practically allows you to view all the usage of technology all over the world and it even shows you a timeline of it. Literally every second of each day technology is being increased with it's usage. Technology today is so useful in many ways but at the same time people tend to waste their time with some types of technology. Though, technology will soon be if its not already, the main source in businesses and school systems. I know that I will use technology in my classroom as much as possible. I am eager to see what technology has in store for the future.

4. In the video,Vision of Students Today the students of Kansas State University show us how college students spend their time and money. I thought this video was very interesting! I liked the fact that this video's only sound effect was the back ground music. I was able to be engaged with the video because I had to read everything. Pretty much everything that was mentioned in this video is so true about college. College is literally like it's own world. The facts that stood out to me the most were 18% of my teachers know my name and I buy hundred dollar textbooks that I never open. I have learned by being a college student for the past three years that both of the facts are completely true. This brings me to think of technology and how computers have helped so much with learning. With using computers for class why does it matter what percent of your teachers know your name and why will books need to be bought. Although I don't agree with only using computers for class and learning I just thought it was a good point. Technology is great but I think it's obviously that it can be good and bad.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog Post #2

Video # 1- Dr. Strange: "Did You Know?"

For this blog I was assigned to watch a youtube video remade by Dr. Strange. This video was originally based on Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod "Did You Know?" I found this video to be extremely interesting! From watching this video I was able to gather many great facts. I was very shocked to know that China will soon become the number one English speaking country in the world. All the facts that I gathered by watching this video are about how technology is being used and progressing through the years. A few facts that really stood out to me are, "The 25% of the population of India with the highest IQs outnumbers the entire population of the US" and " India has more K-12 Honors students than ALL of the K-12 students in the US." That shows how serious India takes their education. That fact also makes the US seem very sad when it comes to education. Another fact that caught my attention is that "1,393,519 searches are made on Google every minute." I know that Google is the most popular search site on the internet but to know that that many searches are made each minute proves how much the world we live in revolves so much on technology.

Video # 2- Mr. Winkle Wakes

In this video "Mr. Winkle Wakes", by Matthew Needleman, Mr. Winkle is a cartoon character from 100 years ago. When I first began watching this video my first thoughts were, this is ridiculously pointless and honestly what man sleeps for 100 years? Once I finished watching the video I thought about our society and how there are many elder citizens who are not at all informed or advanced with technology. With that being said, I myself at twenty-one years old am also unaware of most technology we have today. Mr. Winkle woke up after his long sleep to find the world to be much different than he remembered. The world had changed into a more advanced place due to technology, although Mr. Winkle didn't think so, he was very confused and overwhelmed as to how everything was. Mr. Winkle noticed so much change in offices, classrooms, and hospitals. He sees that people are now able to communicate using different ways other than before. He sees that computers are the way to operate most things. He sees that in the hospitals people are able to breath and are kept alive by medicines and machines. Though, he noticed that there wasn't much change in the classroom, not having technology change in the classrooms could potentially hurt students in the long run.

Video #3- Sir Ken Robinson: The Important of Creativity

Before watching this video I knew I needed to prepare myself because of the length of time needed to spend watching and focusing on what Sir Ken Robinson had to say. As soon as I began watching I quickly found myself very interested and no longer concerned with the length of time. Creativity is in each and every person, though it is shown differently. Sir Ken Robinson touched on three different themes, First, evidence of creativity. Being creative is so much easier for children because they aren't scared to be wrong. Adults are far more scared to be wrong. Sir Ken Robinson stated that being wrong shouldn't be a fear and I completely agree. I also agree that if humans could and would be more creative then there would be much more variety in the world. Second thing he touches on, creativity in the future. Around the world the arts are the last thing focused on, which many believe arts should be much more focused on. I agree with his statement that dance should be just as important as math. I honestly never really thought about that until he stated it. So true! Our bodies are just as important as our minds and we should express that more. The final thing he touches on is the capacity of children. Each child is intelligent in many ways. One of the main focuses of being an educator is to help children to express their personal talents, imagination, and creativity. We need to see children for who they are and help teach them to open their creative side in hopes to succeed because they are our future.

Video #4- A Vision for 21st Century Learning

Watching "21st Century Learning" made me disagree that the internet should be our education system. I realize that overtime technology is becoming more important and used for practically anything and everything daily. I do not think it is okay for a child to sit in front of a computer all day and expect them to learn from that. Okay, yes I'm sure they could learn something but I think it's so important for children to be engaged with a teacher, classmates, a classroom and learning materials. Each and every person has a different way of learning, I myself am very hands on. I would hate to send my child to school for them to only learn by using a computer all day long. It really concerns me when I think of a child learning to write because how will that be done using a computer? It won't and can't! Using a computer will only teach students how to type. I completely disagree with online teaching and learning. I think computers and the internet is absolutely great and very helpful in many ways but not for basic everyday learning.

Video #5- Vicki Davis: Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts

In this video, "Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts", Vicki Davis shows us how she involves technology in her teaching. I think it's awesome that Vicki Davis incorporates technology in her classroom. She tends to focus on all different types of technology daily. Although, I don't agree with online teaching and learning but I do agree to teach and learn with technology sometimes other than always using books, pens, paper, etc. Vicki Davis wants her students to be able to search, think, and understand on their own, which I think is great because that's preparing them for the future. I liked that she mentioned that she also learns from her students and how being an educator doesn't mean you have to know everything before you teach it.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Post # 1

About Me-Amanda Warner
Hey Ya'll!
My name is Amanda Marie Warner and I am 21 years old. I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama and if I had the choice I wouldn't have it any other way. I graduated from McGill-Toolen Catholic in 2009 and  I am now a Junior at the University of South Alabama.
I am majoring in elementary education with an ambition to teach Kindergarten or first grade. The passion I have to teach is inspired by the love I have for children and the influence from teachers I've had over the years.
I have been  blessed with such an amazing family and don't know what I would do without them. My mother, Ann, is my hero and best friend and I honestly couldn't survive without her. My father, Joey, is a very hard working and talented man whom is my biggest fan.  My only sibling, Tiffany, 25, is a graduate from St. Paul's Episcopal and she is the best friend a sister could ask for. My toy poodle named Sadie, who is nearly ten years old is my heart.
My friends are also a huge part of my life. Every one of them are unique and are always there for me no matter what the situation is. 
When I started college at South I decided to go through sorority recruitment where I became a member of Alpha Omicron Pi. I now am happy to say that becoming a memeber of AOII I've gained new sisters and friends for a lifetime! Being an AOII has changed my life in many ways and it is something that I will always take pride in. 
A few extra things that sums up the person I am are that I enjoy smiling, laughing, shopping, watching movies, running, dancing, sleeping, and most of all spending time with the people I love.

Randy Pausch-Time Management 
After watching Randy Pausch's video on time management I know I learned at least a few great tips that will help me throughout this course. First, I learned that it is okay to know that everyone struggles with managing time. One of my favorite things that Randy Pausch touched on in his speech was the "why's". For example, why am I doing this and what will happen if I don't do it? One of my biggest problems is that I am very organized but tend to make to-do list's daily and always struggle to complete them. He really caught my attention when he said, "you can always change your plans, but only once you have one!" I can relate to that, especially since I plan to-do list's but never complete them. This video is the first I have ever seen by Dr. Pausch, I really enjoyed listening to him speak and believe I gained a lot of knowledge that will help me from today on.